How To Livekindly…Your “Go-To” Guide!


Yikes – I’ve been away for a little while, 25 days to be exact! My sincerest for the ghosting…lame, I know! But this is just a quick check-in/update on my whereabouts…

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the honor of contributing to Livekindly – a brand new online vegan magazine. Focusing on sustainable and compassionate living, the site is fast becoming a thriving community of epic proportions. With topics covering everything you ever needed or wanted to know about living a happy, healthy, plant-based life – you’re fully covered, and then some, right here.

With recipes, reviews, hot news topics, and nutritional information being just the tip of the iceberg in terms of its awesome content, there’s really something for everyone to enjoy, and more importantly find true value in! A rare combination these days…in that it’s abundant in both quality (a superb, dedicated, team of writers) and quantity (a constant steam of fresh articles)…I would highly recommend checking it out.

LA FeaturePic2

Being honestly the best “go-to” online plant-based guide I’ve seen, be sure to subscribe to its newsletter if you decide to have a nosy – you DON’T want to miss out!

And, my dear friends, in having this arsenal of excellent material to get stuck into on a daily basis, you’ll have every resource imaginable to go forth and live compassionately…indeed, to Livekindly.

Happy reading!

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